Art directors, publishers, curators, designers, directors - it’s difficult to pin down exactly what Ill-Studio does. Since 2007, Thomas Subreville and Leonard Vernhet have designed clothes collections, ran record labels, published art books, directed magazines and campaigns, created giant art installations, designed interiors or products and established creative strategies for many internationally renowned fashion companies, music bands or medias.Their cross-cultural and limitless approach of design have allowed them to work in many different fields including design, fashion, music, printed matter, film and architecture for both self-initiated or commissioned projects.

In the past ten years, Ill-Studio has collaborated with some of the most regarded names in fashion such as Chanel, Supreme, Nike, Lemaire, Colette, Louis Vuitton, Hermes to name a few. In the realm of music their projects range from directing videos for Tame Impala, being creative directors of cult band Soulwax, or being invited by the Paris National Opera to imagine a dance performance.

Ill-Studio has been widely exhibited at galleries and institutions in Paris, Tokyo, Mexico, Los Angeles, New York, Seoul, London, Madrid, Berlin or Stockholm. Their infuence on younger generations often brought them to participate to conferences in many renowned universities and some of their work recently entered the French National Collection.